Albania and Armenia Outreach

Albania and Armenia Outreach

We have been in Budapest for almost 3 months on YWAM DTS  and it has been a real life changing experience for us both so far! We’ve been living in a community house with amazing people, both staff and students from India, America, Macedonia, Poland, Sweden and of course Hungary!  Living in community as a married couple has proved to be challenging for us, yet we find that we are learning more about each other in this new season and God is really showing us just how precious people are to Him and that ‘relationship’ is one of the greatest things that brings delight to His heart!

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in harmony (Psalm 133:1)

The teaching has been amazing! We have been really blessed to have teachers from all over the world who visit and challenge us in many areas of our personal lives and relationship with God. One of our favourite lectures has been about the Kingdom of God. It’s amazing to discover the meaning of life and just how much intention and purpose we were created with to play a unique role in the grand story! Whether you are a mother, a father, a singer, a teacher, a cleaner, a waitress, God has designed you to bring glory to your little corner of the earth and to reflect His beauty, goodness and truth into this world!

We’ve had opportunities to do outreach into the city of Budapest during the lecture phase. We have took sandwiches out to the homeless people each week and seen amazing changes in their lives including healings. We have been able to share our testimonies on the streets and served at YWAM’s Coffee house. We are seeing people encounter the love of God and finding physical and emotional healing on the streets of Budapest!  I kept getting the word ‘Compassion’ every time I prayed before we moved to Budapest.  God see’s people he created as very precious and it matters how we treat each other.  Seeing the smiling faces of those we are spending time with here on the streets and the tears in their eyes when we tell them the good news and hope they can find in Jesus is so moving!  We feel very touched and privileged to be here and see a difference in people’s lives. We are now at the stage where we are preparing for outreach to Albania and Armenia in just a weeks time! We have been fundraising for this trip but still have a way to go! (prayer points and sponsor info at the bottom)

ALBANIA:Albania Outreach

On the 1st of December we will be setting our feet on Albanian soil! We are very excited that this will be our first ministry outreach location! Albania is located in the Balkan region where there has been a lot of animosity between the surrounding nations. We will be going to Albania to share the love of God and be an example of unity and minister as an international team.
We will work both in the capital (Tirana) and in several villages throughout this beautiful nation. We will be involved in various ministries including: Working with Street Children, sharing the in High Schools, organizing worship events and sharing our individual testimonies in various Churches and Prisons.

Armenia OutreachARMENIA:

In the middle of January we will set out for Armenia, the place that God chose to land Noah’s Ark and initiate the second beginning of humankind. God chose this very strategic nation between 2 continents to shine as a light and to bless as many people as possible. Armenia, which is currently surrounded by Muslim and Orthodox countries, is known to be the first Christian nation in the world.
We will be working among Orphans, Disabled Children, Refugees and Families, helping out the local YWAM base and Churches to bring the love of God and advance His Kingdom!

NEEDS:- Please pray for us…

  • For health (many of the team members have been suffering with back problems) we really need energy and strength for this outreach
  • Pray for the team members, for wisdom, for each to use their gifts well and to maintain unity and love with one another.
  • For travelling mercies and protection
  • For the people we are going to meet on outreach, for open hearts to be ready to hear about Jesus, and that the people we minister to will be encouraged.
  • For financial provision

If you would like to support us on this trip you can contact us directly at for bank transfer information or by paypal:

or you can send a cheque with a note stating which students you are supporting:

Make it payable to: YWAM Budapest

Send it to this address:
Att: John Davies
955 Imperial Hwy.
Brea, CA 92822

If you would like to give online please contact us directly or our dts leader, Misha Mihaylova ( for more information.


Josh and Amy

DTS Outreach

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