Clowning around for Outreach…

We had a great time this afternoon fundraising for outreach on Margrit Island! We made animal balloons, face painting and hanging out with some children! It was really nice to bring a smile to families who were passing through and their children really enjoyed it!
As of late there seems to be a craze amongst street buskers to paint their whole body gold and stand in a freeze frame until someone puts money in the box, to which they make a funny action! I did a similar thing as a fairy princess freeze frame and sang Disney songs for the children. They also loved the Clown played by Cece who made them smile and had photos taken with her! We raised 20 euros towards our outreach, but most of all we really had a lot of fun being on the island for the day and spreading some joy!
We still have quite a long way to go with fundraising before our outreach trip to Albania and Armenia in just 2 weeks time. We are looking forward to working with children in these locations also!
If you would like to support us through your prayers or sponsor us financially for our outreach, please see outreach information, prayer points and payment details at the bottom of this post 🙂

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Outreach to Albania and Armenia


On the 1st of December we will be setting our feet on Albanian soil! We are very excited that this will be our first ministry outreach location! Albania is located in the Balkan region where there has been a lot of animosity between the surrounding nations. We will be going to Albania to share the love of God and be an example of unity and minister as an international team.
We will work both in the capital (Tirana) and in several villages throughout this beautiful nation. We will be involved in various ministries including:
Working with Street Children, sharing the in High Schools, organizing worship events and sharing our individual testimonies in various Churches and Prisons.

In the middle of January we will set out for Armenia, the place that God chose to land Noah’s Ark and initiate the second beginning of humankind. God chose this very strategic nation between 2 continents to shine as a light and to bless as many people as possible.

We will be working among Orphans, Disabled Children, Refugees and Families, helping out the local YWAM base and Churches to bring the love of God and advance His Kingdom!


Prayer and Support Information:

Please pray for us…

  • For health (many of the team members have been suffering with back problems) we really need energy and strength for this outreach
  • Pray for the team members, for wisdom, for each to use their gifts well and to maintain unity and love with one another.
  • For travelling mercies and protection
  • For the people we are going to meet on outreach, for open hearts, and that the people we minister to will be encouraged.
  • For financial provision
We would like to invite you to partner with us and send us out!
We believe the Lord is our ultimate provider and that He uses people to channel His blessings.
If you would like to support us on this trip you can contact us directly or send a cheque with a note stating which students you are supporting:
Make it payable to: YWAM Budapest
Send it to this address:
Att: John Davies
955 Imperial Hwy.
Brea, CA 92822
If you would like to give online please contact Misha Mihaylova ( for more information.
Blessings x x

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