Detour to England…

Amy and I would like to start by saying Thank you to all those who supported us with words of encouragement, prayers and gifts during our lecture phase of DTS with YWAM Budapest….

Last week I received some very sad news that my Grandpa had passed away during the night.  He was a very kind man, who was a strong believer in Jesus, and we will miss him, as we are used to seeing him each time we visit my parents house, where he has been living more recently. We flew back to England last week to be with family and the funeral will be this Thursday.

Despite this being a sad time and quite a shock, we have allowed this to be an opportunity to draw closer to God and allow Him to guide us. We were starting to wonder if we’d be able to go back on DTS and complete what we started, but this week during our times of prayer we have been reminded that it was God who began this season in our lives and He will be faithful to finish it (Philippians 1:6)

Our YWAM DTS team of 4 students and 2 staff went on ahead to Albania last weekend and we plan to be joining them soon.

Yesterday, as we were walking along the main road, analyzing the possibilities of what God is doing and whether we would have enough funds to fly out to YWAM, we came across a five pound note on the pavement!

Call it coincidence maybe, but it was so strange how we were already  in conversation about provision for this next stage of the journey. We have also received a gift this morning enabling us to fly out to Albania! We are so thankful and this has really encouraged us! We still have a way to go with finances as we need to pay our outreach fees in order to stay out there and would really appreciate your prayers and support if possible at this time (click here to donate).

Thank you for journeying with us in this life changing year, it means so much to us both!

God Bless

Josh and Amy

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