First week of the DTS with YWAM Budapest

It’s been a week since we arrived in Budapest to join a Discipleship Training School with YWAM!  It’s been fantastic so far 🙂 The first week has been an introduction to the DTS, which will include a weekly schedule of lectures, keeping a journal of what God is doing in our lives, work duties, prayer walking and ministries including Rezgiko coffee house and a sandwich run to the homeless around the city.

If you’ve been following my blog posts you will see in ‘My Journey’ how God led me to Swansea a few years ago and there was a verse that he gave me…  Hosea 2:14

When we arrived in our room, I found a welcome card with this on it….

I cried as I read this knowing that God has used the words from Hosea a lot in my life and it holds so much meaning for me! Everytime I read this book in the Bible I’m reminded of the faithfulness of God and His unfailing love.  Even at times in my life when I have been stubborn He has kept His word! The grace of God is something that goes beyond religion, effort and striving.  It’s a love that pursues and softens the heart! He moves us to love so much more deeply than we would otherwise! To remember how far he has led me with his mighty and yet tender hands is just amazing! I’m so blessed to be doing the dts with my husband Josh, and I know as we go deeper with Jesus that we will also grow in our marriage 🙂

There are 6 students on the dts all together and I feel so blessed already just getting to know them! There is Cece and Toni from Macedonia, Shekhar from India, Kali from Pennsilvania USA and then there’s a team of really cool staff from Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia!  The course is taught in English and we have been having a lot of fun with each other’s accents this week 🙂 It’s wonderful learning about another persons culture and the way we do things is different but not wrong!
Here are a few photos from our visit in July when we spent day and night exploring the city and also some from this first week here with YWAM DTS…

YWAM DTS welcome meal- Staff and students
Beautiful bridges over the river Danube in Budapest including the famous Chain Bridge
Our DTS Class eating together!!
Goulash- A very tasty traditional Hungarian meal
My wonderful new American sister in Christ- Kali!
Pottyos- Cheesecake style bar covered in chocolate! Yummy!
Friday night entertainment ar Regziko coffee house ministry!
Terry from Nottingham makes us feel right at home 🙂
The house of Parliament up close is so beautifully lit at night!

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