Next Stop… USA & Forget Me Not Ministries

Next Stop… USA & Forget Me Not Ministries

It’s been 2 months since we arrived back from our DTS trip with YWAM! We had a great time on DTS but also enjoyed coming home to the UK and catching up with family and friends.  We were made very welcome and were able to share what we have experienced over the last 6 months. Our home church have joined together with a local Baptist church to form a new and exciting community! It is amazing to see how the church is growing and how God is bringing a variety of people together with various qualities and gifts to extend His Kingdom.  We have found a home with a great couple are spending their retirement visiting local school assemblies and working with kids and youth. They are doing an amazing work and we feel so blessed and encouraged by them.

We met some great people during our time with YWAM including Tanie and Jacqueline Guy who run Forget-Me-Not Ministries, a ministry that supports and encourages local and overseas missionaries. Every year at least 5000 Missionaries leave the field unnecessarily. When Amy and I heard this statistic we were shocked and saddened. To think that this many people leave there ministries mostly because of excess stress could be avoided if they had the pastoral support and encouragement they need.  We had a lovely time with Jacqueline and Tanie when they came to Budapest to teach our class during DTS and we were excited when they invited us to Washington to spend a few months with them, training and experiencing some of the ministry they do.  Their friend owns a house which is used for missionary breaks, and so for the first time in 8 months of community living we are looking forward to getting some marriage time!


Tanie and Jacqueline Guy

We fly out on the 7th May and will be staying until 9th July when we fly toHungary for the annual SOZO festival! We will be leading the youth seminars & will let you know more about SOZO nearer the time 🙂

Thank you to everyone who read our posts, pray for us and encourage us! If you would like to pray for us here’s what to pray for:

  • We will draw closer to God and go deeper in our faith
  • Healing and strength for Amy. She  was diagnosed with Syringomyelia 8 years ago and symptoms have got progressively worse. She is due another lumbar puncture in August.
  • Pray for our marriage, that we continue to grow together in our relationship with God and each other
  • God continues to provide for our needs and for my freelance work
  • God will work through us & open doors of opportunity to minister to specific people He wants us to meet


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