Part 7: When ‘My Story’ became ‘Our Story’…

Part 7: When ‘My Story’ became ‘Our Story’…

At the end of 2009, we were celebrating New years eve with friends at Bible College in Swansea.  Josh took me round the college gardens and we looked back on the good times we’d shared together.  Then he blindfolded me with his scarf and led me up the stair case to the second floor of the main house looking out onto the roof.  The room had been decorated with pot pouri and tea lights.  There was a blanket on the floor with an open Bible, so I thought this might be Josh’s idea of ‘praying in the new year together’.  However, I quickly found that he had other plans when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I felt ecstatic and It really was a dream come true!

I was really touched by the way Josh had thought through his proposal, because we share alot of memories at the Bible College.  It’s the place we met and there are so many good things God did in our lives during that time.  We have made some amazing life-long friendships at there too!  We prayed together that night, for our future together and for the future of the Bible College land.  At that time, there was talk of the Bible College being sold elsewhere.  Our prayer was that the land would still be would still be used for God’s purposes!  We found out recently that there’s a team from Singapore with a vision of reclaiming and rebuilding the Bible College of Wales.  This is very exciting news and such an answer to the prayers of many!

Having been married to josh for just 2 years, we have already been living out some of the promises we made on our wedding day. Shortly after our honeymoon ‘sickness’ decided to pay us a visit, when I was rushed into hospital to have one of my kidneys removed.  Josh was there with me throughout the recovery, loving me, encouraging me, doing my part of the house work as well as holding down a full time job and arranging visit slots!  He really encouraged me in my faith and built me up during that time.

We are finding that we learn more about each other every day.  Of course, we have our ups and downs just like every one does. That’s life! Nevertheless, I find that life with Josh is proving to be a life that I really cherish.  There is something very vulnerable and sweet about sharing your life with another person.  Your hopes and dreams, fears and failings.  I am finding that God has used our marriage already to help us grow in our walk with Him.  It’s amazing when I think how the journey I began with Jesus 9 years ago became ‘our journey’ from the moment I said the words ‘I do’.


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