Pray for Children & Youth in Europe…

Pray for Children & Youth in Europe…

A famous evangelist came home from a crusade one evening, and his wife asked him how the evening went. He told her, “Two and a half persons gave their lives to the Lord”.

His wife was happy and asked, “So, two adults and one child?

“No”, he answered her, “One adult and two children – the adult has only half of his life left to give to the Lord, but the children will give him their whole lives.”

This morning we were able to spend some time praying for the Children & Youth in Europe. Every month the ‘United Prayer for Europe‘ send out a newsletter with a prayer focus and for the month of November this was the young people of Europe. I was asked to present the topic and help lead the group in prayer.

The United Prayer for Europe team really want us to focus on:

Radically changing the way we view children and respond to their strategic importance and rightful place in the Kingdom. Kids ministry can often be seen simply as a babysitting group while the adults listen to a church sermon. This should not be the case.  The children of today are the ones who will impact tomorrow and change the future. To overlook children is very foolish.

The second point to pray for is King’s Kids International (KKI). They are one of YWAM’s largest child-centered ministries, seeking to lead children, youth and families worldwide into a proven knowledge of God. Speaking to people in our prayer group today I was very impressed by the stories they shared of adults who have trusted children to hear from God and share His love.

I also felt to pray for the way children are being raised in today’s society. I can only speak for the situation in the UK but i wanted to share some stories that I have had experience with in England.

The first one is just a general observation, but I see that divorce  is on the rise and is having devastating effects on both families and their children. There is one school I know quite well in a deprived area of Mersyside were a child who’s parents are still together is seen as abnormal. This causes huge issues in the school and for the family life of the children.

Another thing I have noticed is that young people don’t actually know about Jesus, let alone even have stepped foot inside a church building. When Amy and I helped to lead an Alpha course table this year, we got talking to one of the girls who was nineteen and she shared that she had never been in a church before. She had never even walked into a church building out of curiosity or visited one on a school trip, something that every school used to do as part of a religious education lessons. This just shows how much the church in England is changing and  losing touch with society in general and  children.

The third story I shared was of a Catholic primary school I know where the priest has decided to have a gender change and become a woman. Due to equality laws this was simply accepted as the norm. I am not sure if this was discussed in the class but the staff were just told that Father ‘so and so’ would be having an operation and would be referred to by his new female name. I am no physiologist but to be in primary school and have a ‘man of god’ have a gender change has got to raise a lot of questions and confusion in the lives and development of these little children.

Please pray for the children & youth in Europe! We are looking forward to working with children in Albania and Armenia December-February in just 2 weeks time.  More Information click here

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