The Spring has arrived!

The winter is past and the spring has come.  Spring is my favourite season. It’s that time of year when the daffodils can be seen all around and cherry blossom trees make the road sides look pretty. The sun comes out and turns cold frowns into warm smiles on faces of people walking through crowded city streets. It’s a time when just about everything comes to life… Butterflies, Bees and every kind of flower. Children laugh and play in parks which get packed with families, who otherwise might be at home, glued to the T.V. The ice-cream man is back in business again and all seems well with the world and the world seems so alive! Can you just feel that Vitamin D sinking into your skin? I love to use my senses in the spring. Sound, Sight, Smell, taste and touch seem to take on a new life proving the winter to be behind us. Spring is also a time for going out with friends and family. Taking long walks and eating ice cream. If you have a garden, it’s a chance to sit outside, tend to your green house, or have friends over for a BBQ!  Some of the weeks in spring can be as warm as summer, but that is down to unpredictable British weather :)
Why else do I like spring? March 26th, I enjoyed my first wedding anniversary to Josh. This season for us is a reminder of the beautiful union God birthed in our lives when we made our vows to each other. It also reminds us of the new things which God wants to do in our lives together and those areas where we are growing individually in life’s journey with Him.
Nevertheless, The number 1 reason I like spring is because of Easter Week. I love Easter time! Being a major chocolate fan I really like eating Easter eggs! Most people know of Easter to be about chocolate eggs, cute yellow chicks, Easter Bonnet parades, bunnies and anything else the media has to say about this celebration! Some of you may know Easter to be a time to celebrate the end of lent (a forty day period of fasting to commemorate the time Jesus spent fasting in the desert before starting his public ministry). My own take on the meaning of Easter changed 8 years ago when I walked head on into the Christian Easter story at my local cinema when seeing the film ‘Passion of the Christ’. From then on my life has changed. I became a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ. Since then I have been celebrating Easter each year with fresh new meaning. I’ll be sharing more thoughts on this in my blogs throughout the week.

n this in my blogs throughout the week.

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