Volunteering with Refugees in Lesvos, Greece

Volunteering with Refugees in Lesvos, Greece

We will be serving Refugees in Lesvos, Greece with YWAM alongside Euro Relief this August .

Many of you will already be aware of the deeply disturbing crisis situation! Although it changes daily, there are still 1000s of refugees arriving on the island, many having lost hope and even entire families as they have journeyed across rough seas. Many Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan people and are fleeing terror making this is the largest European refugee crisis since World War II.  Most that read this will never know what that terror feels like!  The death toll is rising through this journey, yet they keep coming because there is no other alternative!

There is some good essential aid work taking place on the island but there’s not enough, from reports we have received many are going cold and hungry as numbers have been increasing.

Together with teams from YWAM, we will be feeding and clothing people, listening and ministering to people, playing music and encouraging hope in people as they journey through this difficult season in their lives.

Please pray for us as we take this trip.  We do not fully know what to expect, but we go with the love of God in our hearts and open hands to serve the people.

Although we are going as direct volunteers, we do not want to turn up empty handed.  We would like to be able to offer a gift on arrival to the suppliers for YWAM and Euro Relief for any needs they may have as supply needs (foil jackets, clothes, food, bottled water etc…) are ongoing.  If you haven’t already given to this crisis or simply want more of an idea where your money is actually going- we will be your Direct Volunteers!  We will aim to keep our backers updated through a weekly newsletter, photos and possibly a video whilst we are on the island of Lesvos (within reason to take people’s dignity into account)

Josh has self-funded this trip through his freelance work in web design and we have already brought flights and accommodation.  But we still need food and transportation for the month whilst living on the island.

We will use £200 for transportation around the island by shuttle bus – Around 8 Euros per day for one month.

We will use £200 for our month’s supply of food, water and toiletries on the island.

We will use £500 for our gift to the suppliers – YWAM and Euro Relief

If we go over our target aim we will also buy a travel guitar which can be used to encourage and lift people’s spirits on the island!

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