Week 7 : My trip to England- Nanny Dot

This week has been quite different to what I normally do at YWAM! I flew back to the Black Country, England, the place where Josh and I lived for our first 3 years of marriage and the place I was born and bred.  My nanny Dorothy has just gone through major heart surgery and after all the years of being so close to my grandparents who have been so nurturing and caring to the whole family, I just had to see my nan!

My attempt at cooking a Roast dinner
My attempt at cooking a Roast dinner

Snuggle bear

I attempted to cook a roast dinner! Nan enjoyed it, but I knew it wasn’t as tasty as her usual meals 🙂 I shared with them what we have been learning in YWAM about the glory of God and we watched Andre Rieu orchestra in concert on dvd.  This show is a fantastic example of what it looks like when everyone plays in harmony together with a common cause of bringing joy and true beauty!

Andre Rieu and Tea

My grandparents have been amazing role models to me of what it means to love another person and what faithfulness can look like in a culture which sadly seems to have lost the meaning of right and wrong, healthy family life and long term relationships.

Amy in the Garden

Because of their faithfulness and love for each other they have not only blessed and affected each other for the better, but also many other people around them.  What we do in this life and how we live always has a ripple effect on other people…
When I got back to YWAM I was very happy to be welcomed home by Josh and a beautiful bouquet of flowers he got for me! I was also pleasantly suprised to find that the teachings I’d missed in class were very much along the same lines of what God has been putting on my heart regarding my prayer life, the power of words that we speak and how they can dampen or uplift an atmosphere.  So I kind of felt in tune with the stuff I had missed! Gabi, our teacher gave me this lovely bookmark too which is a lovely reminder of the effect my life has on everything…..  because Everything Matters 😉
Life bookmark

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