YWAM DTS Outreach Announced!

YWAM DTS Outreach Announced!

We have now been here in Budapest for 6 weeks! They say time goes fast when you’re having fun and it’s so true! The weekend began with a big clean up of the house on Friday and between us all we figured out who would take on which chores next term! This was shortly followed by a team meeting for the unveiling of our outreach location! The night before us students has been going wild and anticipating this as if it was Christmas eve! In the midst of shouting out our dream locations and playing guessing games with the staff who were trying to get a good nights sleep, we each felt the gentle conviction of the Holy Spirit tapping on our shoulders ‘Would you go anywhere for me?’ As we began to calm down, we joined hands for the first time as students and began to pray. It was a very special moment for us as we each gave up our desires to God and came in to line with His will!



So, on Friday morning we felt prepared for just about anywhere! The staff made a game of hangman on the board and I was soooo excited when Albania appeared! My best friend and bridesmaid Irena is from Albania and I’ve also had the privilege of being taught and encouraged by a missionary who had planted a church and ministered in that nation.
It’s funny that I was singing Albanian songs a lot the past few weeks, as I have been experiencing a bit of culture shock and these songs encouraged me during my time at Bible college. We will also be going to Armenia and I know some of the work will involve ministry with disabled children and speaking at churches. We will be given more details soon 🙂

Albanian and Aemenia

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