Happy New Year! Our news for 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

It has been a while since we did an update! We had a a blessed 2017 and looking forward to a great new year.  Thank you to those friends who pray for us and have encouraged us in our journey!  For those who are interested, we have some new and exciting news…

Next week we are returning to YWAM Budapest the place where we did out DTS 3 years ago.   This time we will be sharing the message of ‘The Kingdom and Worldview’.  Please pray as it is a total of 10 hours teaching over the week. Pray for strength, good health and that we can be a blessing to the students.  That they can be encouraged by the teaching and be empowered in their own lives and for their DTS outreach phase.

During our DTS, we really enjoyed a week of teaching with Don Stephens who shared the message of Glory, Grace, Worldview and the Kingdom of God.  Our eyes were opened in a fresh way and since then, we have had the privilege of travelling with Don as he shares his presentation.  It dawned on us both,  just how important the topic of the Kingdom and ‘worldview’ is.  The way we see the world affects the way we live and this also impacts everything around us. Our lives are continually being transformed by Jesus and we never stop learning, but this January we have decided to take a step of faith and share this message.  Don is a wonderful friend and teacher and has encouraged us greatly.  Next week will be our first time teaching this, so your prayers are appreciated!

Last year we also enjoyed welcoming our new baby nieces into the world which means we are now an Aunty and Uncle to three precious little girls!  We enjoyed visiting Swansea with Amy’s Grandparents and got to catch up with some friends who we hadn’t seen in a long time.

Amy has been writing a new set of songs for her second album ‘Echoes of the Kingdom’ that we are hoping to release this year! She has enjoyed playing at various places whether it be churches, bars or elderly nursing homes!  This spring she will be singing at Spring Harvest Festival (Minehead & Skegness ) together with Rik, Grez and YWAM friends!

I have been busy with Marketing the Change and re-envisioning the brand at the moment, so I should have the new website up sometime in February. It has been a good year and I have been able to work with a number of clients in the business world which has helped us to travel, minister and also support a number of charities and ministries. We have kept to our goal of supporting one ministry per month and will be continuing this in 2018 .

We have learnt to live out of trust and faith and we also believe in tent-making and we work self employed to do this.  So, any support is welcome or we would ask you to consider hiring us to work for you!  Maybe you need a website creating, marketing support or would like to book a Singer! Or you can even buy Amy’s album 🙂 It all helps towards us being able to travel and minister.

We know that so many of you pray for us while we travel and minister! Thank you, we really do appreciate it!

God bless you!

Josh and Amy




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