Hello Autumn!

If you find that the weather is giving you the chills already and more often than not you’re staying in the warmth of your home, why not invite family and friends to share in some quality time.  Maybe phone an old friend for a catch up or take that book off the shelf you’ve been meaning to read for months.  In America, people celebrate ‘thanksgiving’ which I think is a lovely opportunity to be grateful for our loved ones and to appreciate everything that we have in life.  Maybe have a go at making some pumpkin pie this year!  I first tasted pumpkin pie at a Bible college thanksgiving meal a few years ago and it was delicious!
So this autumn, let’s take a look around, kick a few leaves, laugh and make the best of every opportunity. For me, this life is just the beginning of the eternal story, but still I want to make the best of each day whether that be in my work, rest or play!
A few autumn ideas….

Take time to appreciate the autumn weather
Take a walk, and make the most of dry autumn days
Journaling and Songwriting


If it does rain… There is always an umbrella
Toast, Tea & comfy socks… Inexpensive & satisfying
for a cosy night in
Sit around a fire with loved ones…
Enjoy time with your pets… they can make the funniest photos!
Spend time with God. You might appear to be alone, but He is right by your side


Try making some thanksgiving pumpkin pie!
Take time for yourself to relax and recharge
Why not read a book, you could even try reading Ecclesiastes
Step in a puddle carefree with some waterproof boots
Plan to find a firework display this year.
Sometimes you can get cheap tickets or even go for free


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